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    Management in the age of Artificial Intelligence


    The probability is high that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will provide the answer to future product and market innovations. It has the ability to induce fundamental change in products, markets, models and paradigms. Manufacturing and a wide spectrum of services are undergoing a near revolutionary change driven by AI delivered innovations. Computing equipment capable of what one may term partial and quasi intelligent behavior is the trigger. Ways and means of converting this new phenomenon into the strategic behavior of firms is yet to be addressed in executive competency programs.


    This will be MICM's performance domain.


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    人工智能 (AI) 为未来的产品和市场创新提供答案的概率很高。它有能力促使产品、市场、模式和模式发生根本性变化。在 AI 带来的创新推动下,制造业和广泛的服务正在经历一场近乎革命性的变化。能够称之为局部和准智能行为的计算设备是触发因素。在高管能力计划中,尚未讨论将这种新现象转化为公司战略行为的方式方法。

    这将是 MICM 的性能域。

  • Programs



    Technology, innovation

    and AI management


    Data analytics and

    artificial intelligence in Finance


    Data analytics

    and artificial intelligence in Manufacturing


    Data analytics

    and artificial intelligence in Logistics


    Data analytics

    and artificial intelligence in

    Strategic Thinking


    AI and Data Analytics software


    AI and Data Analytics platforms




    Program delivery

    Programs are delivered online and offline.



    Selected programs

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    Mini MBAs


    Professional programs providing specialized in depth coverage of issues within the AI and Big Data fields.




    AI Concepts and Applications


    Participants should by the end of the program demonstrate knowledge of the systems structure of IA and key AI applications within industry. The program covers five workdays



    What is AI?

    AI system structure and flows

    .AI applications in several industries

    Manufacturing industry

    Finance industry

    Health care industry

    Other industries

    The strategic thinking dimension of AI








    Artificial Intelligence in the manufacturing industry


    By the end of this program participants should be in a position to identify future AI – triggered manufacturing technologies and emerging opportunities and modes of compliance. Program will extend over five workdays.



    What is AI

    AI and the 5th Industrial Revolution

    AI and future manufacturing technologies

    Virtual Reality/computer vision

    Generative design

    Digital twining

    Predictive maintenanc

    Robotics and automization

    AI and the organization of manufacturing

    Neo-Manufacturing and strategic design.


    Other Mini MBA Programs


    AI in the banking industry

    AI in the Helathcare industry

    AI in the logistics industry




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    Degree programs providing state of the art competencies in the wide field of Artificial Intelligence



    Technology, Innovation and AI Management​

    By the end of this program the participant should be in a position
    • Identify the conceptual and operational framework of AI
    • Be able to apply AI tools to specific functional areas
    • Relate AI to strategic behavior


    ⭕Duration :
    42 credit hours


    A. Foundation Courses (18 credit hours)
     Management & Organizational Behavior
     Managerial Accounting and Finance
     Marketing Management
     Strategic Management
     Managerial Economics for Business Decisions
     Foundation of Finance

    B. Core Courses (6 courses = 18 credit hours)
     Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
     Big data analytics and algorithm
     Math and statistics for deep learning and artificial
     Digital Transformation
     Artificial Intelligence and business strategy formulation
     Business Intelligence Systems

    C. Project (6 credit hours)





    Artificial intelligence, data sciences and Strategic Thinking


    By the end of this program participating executive will be able to :

    • Identify the conceptual and operational framework of AI, Data sciences and technologies
    • Be able to integrate AI technologies into the cognitive framework of strategic thinking
    • Explore the potential of leadership under conditions of A


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  • Publications and research


    Recent publication

    Journal of Knowledge Management Application and Practice, An International Journal (http://dx.doi.org/10.18576/jkmap/010203)


    A Systems Approach to the Artificial Intelligence Concept


    M S S El Namaki, Dean, VU School of Management, Switzerland. Dean (Retired) Maastricht School of Management, MSM, Netherlands.


    Abstract: To an entrant, Artificial Intelligence (AI) constitutes an amorphous phenomenon. Ways and means of containing this concept within a systems framework is the focus of this article. The article resorts to qualitative analysis as a medium. It advances a systems theory framework as the boundary

    for an AI structure where all things would fall in place. The article suggests a framework where an artificial intelligence system has inputs, transformation processes and an output. A feedback loop as well. The inputs are

    built around data and artificial neurons. Transformation is done through analysis and learning. And the outcome is composed of insights, sub-systems and technologies. Feedback built on the outcomes completes the system

    loop. The article provides a convenient vehicle for understanding of the components of artificial intelligence.



    A Systems Approach to the Artificial Intelligence Concept


    M S S El Namaki*













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    Prof dr m s s el namaki, Strategy and AI

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